MI86 Operation Desert Oasis – First look

MI86_S2E2I have been concentrating on writing, and keeping myself on deadlines as of late and have not been doing a lot of crappy tv/movie watching.  At some point I hope the $$ job relents a little and I can resume posting at IBW since this site has been a passion of mine for over 10 years.  Until that time I will post when I can.

This week I am going to give you a brief little snippet on what James Dennesy is up to in his current adventure Operation Desert Oasis.  Op Desert Oasis is the first of two stories that will make up Volume 4 of the MI86 series.

After the leap we are thrown into the action as James struggles to pull an unconscious Rachael Erstweather from a pond of strange water in the titular Desert Oasis.  (the story after the leap)

MI86_DividerJames grabbed Rachael and with renewed energy began to pull her slowly toward the surface. His feet dug into the moist sand and he felt himself sinking into the ponds walls. Rachael’s body was being dragged down by unseen undercurrents, but James was able to stop her descent. Her face was beginning to turn blue, and he knew he had to get her back above water.
James pulled with every last ounce of his strength. He was fighting not only the unseen currents, but also his growing apathy towards the fight. James felt his grip on Rachael slipping. He concentrated on grasping her as tightly as he could and found that his hands closed around her vest and he was able to slowly crawl backwards out of the water. Inch by inch the Marine was able to make his way to the banks of the pond and pull Rachael’s head above the water.
Grasping the loose sand James pulled himself out of the small body of water. With the last of his will the Marine pulled the woman completely out of the water and onto dry land. Rolling Rachael onto her back the Marine listened for her breathing. She was silent. He began to press against her chest, attempting to bring her back from the brink. He was unable to use any of his zombie senses to determine if she was alive, the water had suppressed the beast inside of him.
James hesitated momentarily, knowing he had to attempt to resuscitate the woman with mouth to mouth. He took in a deep breath and cupped his mouth over her open lips and blew. He felt her chest rise and then fall. He pressed three more times on her chest and continued to perform mouth to mouth on the Captain.
After two minutes Rachael coughed a spray of water and rolled over onto her stomach before throwing up. Coughing the woman turned toward James, “Thank you Gunny. I don’t know what came over me.”
“I think I do, there is something magical here and it does not want to be disturbed.”
“Are you certain?”
“Absolutely, the water is enchanted to ensnare anyone who touches it.”
“Who could resist a pool of blue water after days crossing the desert?”
“You would not be happy if you knew the truth about that water.”
Rachael had the epiphany that it was a deadly trap and that the pond was very likely filled with the remains of victims, “Please don’t tell me Gunny.”
“I won’t but I need to confirm something.” James did not hesitate another moment and immediately dove into the water.
James could feel the wash of apathy over him as he became submerged in the water, but the traps deadly effect did not work on him since he could not drown and did not need to breath. The zombie sank to the bottom of the pond, pausing momentarily to look up at the brilliant shimmer of the surface of the pond nearly thirty foot above his head. James was surprised at the depth of the desert pond, he had not expected the pool to be as deep as what it was. He turned his attention to the field of corpses that littered the bottom of the pond. THere were Nazi soldiers who had apparently fallen into the trap while battling the British. Exploring the bottom of the basin he saw the decaying remains of several camels that had fallen into the trap, and finally what he had sensed, one of Gretel’s soldiers.
Like James the leather clad, masked soldier was not dead; at least not in the permanent sense of the word. The creature, while still capable of moving, did not seem to care if it was trapped up to its knees in the moist sand. James knew the soldier could not cry out, it’s mouth had been stitched closed with thick steel wire to avoid it spreading it’s disease, but he did not need it to speak. The soldier was a zombie, and as such could communicate silently with other zombies.
“Tell me your secrets my brother,” thought James, directing those thoughts toward the pitiful creature in front of him.
“What brought you to this place?”
“You can do it. You can speak to me my brother. I know wha t the witch has done to you, but you can speak to me.” James gently touched the leather clad face of the UWG soldier.
“…So much pain.”
 “Yes, I understand. Focus, what brought you here?”
“Who sent you?”
“I understand, it is that woman who makes you do this, but I need more information. Why are you trapped?”
“What happened when you came to this place?”
Looking around the bottom of the pond James Dennesy could not see any other leather clad soldiers. The poor soul he was looking at was the only such soldier. He was alone.
 James was startled to hear the man’s voice in his head suddenly when he had not intentionally made contact.
“What?” thought James in a startled moment. “What do you mean you are not alone.”
James relaxed, part of the Marine wanted to take pity on the poor lost creature in front of him. He knew better than any one else how taxing it was on the zombie to be separated from the rest of the horde. Even though he needed time away from the gestalt of the zombie horde in the Afterlife, he also found it comforting to hear the many voices of the men in his head.
James turned to leave, walking away slowly across the bottom of the pond. There were so many dead bodies in the water that it reminded the Marine of some of the images Vlad Tepes’ spirit had tried to put into his head.

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