MI86 Volume 3- A Special Delivery

Released at the beginning of this week MI86 volume 3 contain two James Dennesy Adventures, Operation Harling and Operation Gunnerside.  You can google both and find out how tremendously successful those two real world missions were in setting Germany back on their desires to rule the world during WWII.  On the other hand you could pick up MI86 volume 3 and learn a little bit about the real life heroes as you follow the adventures of Collin W. Buechler’s undead Gunnery Sergeant James Dennesy as he battles the forces of the Baron Von Sterb.  We actually recommend doing both since those that fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it.  A sample of how the adventure begins after the leap.

MI86 V3 is available in ebook from Amazon for $2.99.


We join the action as Rachael Erstweather is walking down a bombed out section of London.


Looking back the tall redhead did not see anyone behind her, but she had learned since joining MI86 that not seeing someone did not mean someone was not there. She also could not discount the idea that it might not be a person at all, but one of any number of denizens of the underworld. Rachael increased her stride and tried to clear the alley and get back into the open.
The gentle footsteps from behind her continued to echo through the alley. Every time she stopped to look if she could see the person following her the steps ended just a moment too late, but she could never see who or what was making the sound. Rachael clasped the bag filled with books tightly and checked to make certain her hidden sidearm was still located in her brazier. The cool steel of the nine millimeter pressed against her skin, comforting her.
Rachael Erstweather stepped out of the alley and into the next street, as she had suspected it was empty. The buildings on either side of the street were burned out and collapsing. Rachael realized that she was no better off here than in the alley. She could hear the sound of the workers a block over, but it brought little comfort to her. In the current situation any screams for help would be masked by the constant sound of the cleanup. For every brick she heard clang against the side of a wheel barrow, she also heard the echo of a disembodied footfall behind her.
She looked around the street for a place to make a stand. Her mind raced from the bombed out shell of a jewelry store to a pile of bricks from the collapsed haberdashery on the opposite side of the street.
Deciding her best option was to leap behind the pile of rubble from the former men’s clothing store, Rachael did just that with all of the grace of a ballet dancer. Coming to a stop amongst the rubble she looked across the street and thought the half destroyed and burned out jewelry store would likely have collapse around her, or worse on top of her during a fight.
Rachael popped up from behind her pile of rubble, pistol drawn. There was no one there, but she could hear the footfalls of an unseen nemesis approaching.
“Who’s there?”called out the woman confidently.
No one answered. Listening carefully the woman could hear the scraping of brick dust under foot.
“This isn’t funny.” The MI86 agent pointed the gun around, looking for a target. No target presented itself to shoot.
The dull clanking of brick on steel echoed into the empty, war torn street and deadened the sound of the mysterious footsteps. Rachael Erstweather scanned the devastated road for any signs of her assailant. There were no signs of an assailant.
Rachael Erstweather ducked below the cover of the brick pile and listened. She heard footsteps. The footsteps were faint, muddled in the gentle mist that hung in the air. The rhythmic foot falls were masked by the clanging of bricks from a block over as they were loaded into wheelbarrows, but they were there if someone knew what to listen for. Rachael knew that they were real, and there were two sets of them.
The woman stood up quickly and caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure darting into the rubble of a burnt out bakery. She pulled the trigger rapidly and unleashed three shots at the figure but watched as the bullets ricocheted harmlessly off the remains of the building.
Taking several steps backwards the agent scanned the building for signs of her assailant, but there were none. Whoever was following her moved faster than she had seen anyone move before.
Rachael immediately rejected that thought, she had seen someone move that fast in the past. James Dennesy could move like the shadowy figure had moved, maybe even faster. She had witnessed the Marine’s abilities during their previous missions. Her brain did not want to accept the obvious conclusion as a possibility because that would have meant that zombies had escaped the Afterlife.
She took a step back and stopped suddenly. She had bumped into something large and unmoving. She could feel the cold damp leather of a uniform. She could tell that the form was towering, the muscles under the uniform large and bulging. She could smell something that reminded her of summer festivals growing up. Her heart began to beat faster.
Instinctively she dropped to the ground, narrowly avoiding the man’s arms as they attempted to grab her. She rolled across the rubble and leaped to her feet to face her assailant, her pistol leveled. The gun erupted in a flurry of bullets that hit their marks twice in the chest.
Before her stood two men clad in skin tight leather uniforms. The uniforms were black and devoid of any significant markings. The men’s grey skinned, lifeless faces were topped with short cropped blonde hair. Strong jaw lines jutted outward over high necked collars. Dark glasses masked the men’s eyes. Rachael’s stomach sank as she looked at the two German soldiers.

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