Sherlock: Scandal in Belgravia

However you can Watch this show...

Our television viewing isn’t restricted to Doctor Who, we take in other things too; such as last weekends premier of Sherlock Series 2.  It just seems like the only truly fantastic TV is being produced by one Mr. Steven Moffat.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch (a man who’s name is perfect for the role) as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson this story was penned by Steven Moffat.  Directed by Paul McGuigan  this story will set you back 90 minutes of pure naked bliss.

No nasty spoilers bellow:


Picking up exactly where The Great Game left off we quickly and efficiently get out of the whole Jim Moriarty, snipers and bombs fiasco with a bit of a laugh and the BeeJees singing Staying Alive.

We then go into 80’s montage of Holmes solving murder after murder, John blogging about it and the world taking notice.  So much so that we get into the real meat of the story when the Queen summons Sherlock and Watson to a case involving blackmail (of a sorts), a Dominatrix and naughty photos of a royal.

Plot happens, a naked Lara Pulver (aka Irene Adler, aka the Dominatrix, aka The Woman, aka the next ex Mrs IBW Management Team), flusters Sherlock and Watson.  We learn that The Woman has a smart phone with loads upon loads of insurance on it.  It also has also attracted the interest of some murderous American CIA agents.  Rough stuff happens, Sherlock is drugged and the baddies all escape.

Back at 221B Sherlock awakens from his drug induced coma to find that The Woman has in fact added a custom ringtone to his phone.  It is delightfully over the top Moffat and she takes to texting him frequently, and unrelentingly.  More plot happens, state secrets are revealed and there is a slew of fantastic innuendos.  All of this story culminates in the climax of the story with a tidy little wrap up to the mystery and story at the end.

What to like

  • Benedict Cumberbatch may as well have been born to play this role, and Martin Freeman is no slouch either.  The acting is tremendous and the crime fighting duo add a much needed modern feel to this stogy old character.
  • You say you like naked women?  Well so do we, and there is plenty of sex in this story to keep you happy.  No actual sex, but there is plenty to keep your mind distracted from some of the stranger plot holes.
  • While so many Sherlock Holmes movies and shows focus on remaking Doyle’s stories, this one breaths new life into the character while paying homage to the authors short story “A Scandal in Bohemia.”
  • There is some truly wonderful moments that even though this show isn’t Doctor Who it feels like it might be the red headed step child of Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton.  No Wait…that is Benedict Cumberbatch, never mind!
  • Best Cell Phone passcode ever.

What not to like

  • Every episode must have its Persian Carpet flaw, and this one is quite difficult to find.  It comes in the not so American Accent CIA operatives.  We are left to ask if John Barrowman was unavailable to play the speaking role of CIA goon #1.

Overall Rating

Having Lara Pulver parade around naked or with plenty of exposed cleavage was more than enough to get this story to a 5 out of 5, but then you had to throw a great whopping story and outstanding production values on top of that too.  We are truly overwhelmed.


About the Thumb:  Its Lara Pulver as The Woman Irene Adler.  Seriously its not like we just decided to post a picture of a naked woman on the site, it is relevant to the post.  We also would like to point out that this went out over the British Airwaves and therefore cannot be construed as being obscene.  How dare you say that about our future ex-wife. 

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  1. I agree that the American agent has a terrible American accent, sound so fake. I thought he might be an American who lives in England for too long

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