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Well, better late then never is what we always say, and today is no exception. That is not to say that we hope you don’t tune in to BBCAmerica and Space tomorrow night, especially if you watched The Pandorica Opens and just naturally assume the world, nay the universe has come to an end. That would be the most depressing story ever, and wouldn’t be all that good of a season finale.

Instead of the universe coming to an unceremonious end with all of the baddies locking the Doctor up in a box we are treated to one more fantastic story this series… The Big Bang.

What to like:

You know all of those loose ends that need to be tied up… They are! Not only that there isn’t a Deus ex Machina to be seen. Actually there are quite a few, and you do need to suspend quite a bit of disbelief, but there aren’t any potions of life and death and of exposition that don’t fit into our universe.

Were going to spoil the pre credit opening, its necessary. Amy isn’t really dead, just mostly. Yup the Moffenator still can’t really pull the trigger on a character, but we didn’t actually want to see Karen. Leave yet either. There is still so much more to see of her, even if you have seen that “swimming suit” photo.

This really is good story telling and nearly every character is built upon and developed to the next level.

Two words, well actually three– Matt Smith’s acting. Just when you think this 26 yr old wunder kid is going to runout of steam he reaches deep and pulls out a performance Tennant couldn’t. The boy is amazing.

A great love story, it was snuck in and we didn’t see it coming, but it really is wonderful. We actually wept a little at it’s fruition, and then again.

Rory has the best fricken lines ever. You have to pay attention to him, but he is truly a comic genius. If you thought the slight rocking back when the Doctor poked at him last week was good, you just have to watch.

What not to like:

The series is done and their are six long months till the Christmas special. Oh how we long for the American 26 episode series. We are certain they could pull it off.

Someone still needs to tell Karen that she is in the top BBC drama. Really girl, take a lead from your co-stars and emote something besides the primal emotions of “Horny” and “Randay.”

Not quite everything is wrapped up with a bow, but we are more than willing to accept the brown twine of Moffat over the dirty dental floss of RTD.

Overall Rating:

We give The Big Bang 5 put of 5 Big Bangs. We know it is actually a little self referential, but in a timey whimey sort of way you will understand this tomorrow, after you have watched it.

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